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Durga Puja 2022

We need your help in organizing Durga Puja. Together we can make this festival even more memorable. Your positive enthusiasm and contribution is our encouragement! Below are some items necessary for making this festival possible. You may contribute any amount for any particular item or for the overall expense.   

Donation needed for the following items :

"সবাহন দুর্গা মূর্তি - Durga idol with vahana -  Donated by Anupam Banerjee & Antara Chowdhury"

"সবাহন সরস্বতী মূর্তি - Saraswati idol with vahana -  Donated by Paromita Ray & Debasish Gupta"

সবাহন লক্ষ্মী মূর্তি - Lakshmi idol with vahana - (Partial Donation Accepted) -Partial donation done by  Suravi Chakraborty & Abhishek Singh,   Lalit Kumar"

সবাহন কার্তিক মূর্তি - Karthik idol with vahana -  (Partial Donation Accepted) - Partial donation done by Lalit Kumar

সবাহন গণেশ মূর্তি - Ganesh idol with vahana - (Partial Donation Accepted)  - Partial donation done by Lalit Kumar
"পূজার ঢাক - Dhak for Puja -  Donated by  Kakali Ghosh & Suparswa Sarkar"
দেবীর ঘট  - Ghot - Donated by  Somatri Das Roy & Indranil Das Roy
"চামর এবং কাসর ঘন্টার সেট  - Set of chamar & kasor ghonta - Donated by  Devasmita Ghosh  & Indrajit Paul"

"শঙ্খ -  Conch for puja -- Donated Debarati Dutta & Subhankar Dey"
"শোলার কদমফুল , চাঁদমালা এবং দ্বারঘট - Burflower made by thermocol , Chandmala and Dwarghot - Donated by Kamalika Sanyal Roy, Anamitra Roy & Riyanshika Roy"
"দশকর্মা  দ্রব্য - Dasokorma items -  Donated by Debarati Dey & Subhankar Dey"

"সন্ধি পূজা সামগ্রী -Sandhi puja items-  Donated by Oindrila Paul & Pramit Bhaumik"
"১০৮ টি প্রদীপ - 108 lamp Set  for Devi Durga - Donated by Shrabani Mukherjee & Arghya Mukherjee"

"১০৮ পদ্ম ফুল - 108 lotus flowers -  Donated by Oindrila Paul  & Pramit Bhaumik"

"মায়ের শাড়ী (৯টি) – Ritual Sarees for Puja (9 in total) -  Donated by Sumana De  & Dibyendu Mallick"

"সপ্তমী পূজার ভোগ ও নৈবেদ্য- Saptami puja bhog and offerings - Donated by Maumita Chakrabarti"

"অষ্টমীর নৈবেদ্য ও ভোগ – Bhog for Maa Durga (Ashtami) - Donated by Debarati Dutta  & Aniruddha Dutta"

"অষ্টমীর ফুল – Ashtami puja flowers -  Donated by Saswati Choudhary  & Anshuman Choudhary"

"অষ্টমীর মিষ্টি – Ashtami puja sweets -  Donated by Shreevidhya  &  Tuhin Nar"

"নবমীর ফুল – Nabami puja flowers -  Donated by Debarati Dey & Subhankar Dey"

"নবমীর মিষ্টি – Nabami puja sweets -  Donated by Debarati Dey & Subhankar Dey"

 "নবমী  ভোগ – Bhog for Maa Durga (Nobomi) - Donated by Saswati Choudhary  & Anshuman Choudhary

"দশমীর মিষ্টি – Bijoya Dashami puja sweets -  Donated by Kusumita Roy  & Abhishek Mukherjee"

"দশমীর ভোগ – Bhog for Maa Durga (Doshomi) -  Donated by Bratati Deb & Kvss Aditya

"কুমারী পূজা সামগ্রী - Kumari puja items-  Donated by Rumna Saha & Partha Sarathi Saha"
"অন্যান্য পূজা সামগ্রী -Miscellaneous puja items-Donate as much as you can - Donated by Sanjay Sahu(51€), Rakhi Chawla(51€),Sreya Bhattacharya(51€)

Help us make a difference.

You can transfer your contributions, of any amount, to our Tero Parbon ASBL bank account, details mentioned below.
ACCOUNT NO: BE31 3632 2076 3855

If you would like us to acknowledge your donation, in our social media platforms or website, you may mention in the communication "Donation: Your Full name and Donation Item".

A Big Thank you for your generosity and contribution !

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at or call us at +32 466 20 99 94.

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